strategic countries

Goldline have experience of working in a number of Far East countries including China, India, Vietnam, Taiwan & Cambodia and also with European factories

factory base

The key factor to Goldline’s factory base is stability.  We have worked with some sites for more than 10 years which shows how we value sustainability and quality as a key part of our business. However this factory base has to evolve and adapt to meet not only the changing requirements of our customers but also ensure our continued drive for high product quality and ethical sustainability maintained and progressed.


Goldline works with 10 key factories in various locations in China. These are all SMETA ethically audited by leading 3rd party auditing companies such as Level Works, ITS and SGS. In addition they are technically audited by these companies to ensure competence, traceability and standard compliance all vital when supplying multinational organisations. Factories are continuously visited to ensure the highest standards are achieved through education, training and close collaboration.