Goldline prides itself in its ethical sourcing policy; all of the factories that we work with meet the highest standards.

> our approach

Goldline prides itself in its ethical sourcing policy; all of the factories that we work with meet the highest standards. Our dedicated in-country ETI Compliance Manager and Technical Manager reports directly to our Technical Director in the UK. Our factories are visited frequently to audit, educate and collaborate with our manufacturing partners to ensure the highest standards are achieved. We work closely with leading accreditation companies such as SEDEX, ELEVATE, SGS and ITS.


Impactt is a leading consultancy specialising in ethical trade, human rights, and labour standards. They work with major brands, retailers and governments with an approach to ethical trade that is change focused, practical and innovative. They design and implement practical projects which improve workers’ lives and livelihoods whilst strengthening the sustainability of global value chains. Goldline have been engaging and undertaking such projects with its factories in conjunction with Impactt to continuously improve the lives and livelihoods of our factory workers whilst strengthening the long term sustainability of our suppliers.


Since its implementation in 2007 Goldline has worked to ensure the components and materials used in its products are REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemicals)-legislation compliant.

We are also aware of the environmental impact of footwear manufacturing and in our factories have implemented many energy saving processes such as harvesting rainwater and installing low energy light bulbs, recycling packaging and materials etc.

> ethical code of conduct

Goldline UK Ltd commits to:

  • Understanding our supply chain to include labour and human rights issues, health and safety, and any environmental impact they have.
  • Working with our suppliers to make improvements where their practices fall short of our expectations
  • Seek to purchase goods that are produced and delivered in conditions that do not involve the abuse or exploitation of any persons.
  • Independently assess all suppliers for their ethical compliance.


Goldline expects its suppliers to therefore not only comply with the relevant legislation and regulations but uphold fundamental human rights, protect workers and demonstrate an understanding of these key issues along with providing full transparency when validating this compliance.

> key ethical expectations


  • No child labour is to be used in any manufacture
  • No involuntary or forced labour is to be used
  • No discrimination is to be used in hiring or in any other employment practices.
  • Employees are given the right and freedom to associate, organise and bargain collectively
  • All workers should be provided with a safe and healthy workplace in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and have access to sanitary facilities, potable water, fire safety and acceptable lighting and ventilation.
  • All employees must have wages that meet at least the employee’s basic needs and all must comply with the applicable minimum wage and working hours regulations and laws. This applies to piece rates and all other forms of compensation.
  • All employees must be entitled to the benefits as stipulated by local law such as rest days, holiday entitlement and relevant insurances.
  • Factories must not use subcontractors for the manufacture of Goldline products without Goldline’s express consent. This consent will only be given if the subcontractor has a written agreement to comply with this ethical code of conduct.


> product traceability

Where possible Goldline try to integrate recycled materials into our products along with continuously looking for new innovations in this area.

In addition we are also involved in projects and initiatives such as the M&S Plan A project. Plan A is all about working with our factories to combat climate change reduce waste, use sustainable raw materials and trade ethically.

We also work with Leather Working Group-approved tanneries that are assessed for compliance and environmental performance. The aim is to ensure all Goldline’s leather products are from producers that promote sustainable and appropriate environmental business practices.

> environment

Goldline and its supply base are very conscious of the increasing importance of environmental regulations. Our materials and finished products are regularly tested for restricted substances such as AZO, Chrome VI, Formaldehyde, heavy metals and other materials as stipulated in the EU laws. We further emphasize environmentally friendly production and packaging methods.

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